"As an Artist, I use my Art and Illustrations to exercise my imagination and reach beyond the walls of preconception"

photo courtesy of @Gary McLeod | Visual Artist

I intensely believe in the creative process at many different levels, beyond what I do in architecture alone. I have been creating my own series of a graphic novel since the time I was 15 years old, and am still working on it today as a means of voicing my story through narration and illustration.
I am also extremely passionate about teaching others about the power of drawing as a thinking tool in design. I have instructed my own class called “Looking, Thinking, Sketching” at Arizona State University and Izmir University of Economics in Izmir, Turkey.  



My name is Victor J. Irizarry but some people know me as VOd. I started my pursuit in creative thinking and visualization as a young boy growing up in Puerto Rico. Drawing and creating was always a constant that allowed me to stay grounded and focused about the future.  No matter what was happening around me, I could always look to the simplicity of a pencil and paper and know that there was a world of possibilities out there. 
I  now hold a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Arizona State University and have over 15 years of experience as an architectural designer and illustrator.